PR Era Group Discussions

The most interesting thing that I learned from reading and talking with others today is class is how much the PR profession has changed. In the early beginings PR was mainly MALE dominate, where as now is it dominated by FEMALES. In 1950 there was an estimated 2,000 WOMEN and 17,000 MALES. This seems like such a HUGE difference! Although, by 2000 WOMEN took over and became about 70% dominate in the PR field. Honestly, I see more WOMEN in this field rather than MEN. Both MALES and FEMALES are qualified for the job, it just happens that FEMALES carry a higher percentage in the PR profession.

I was a bit worried about doing group work in such HUGE groups, but all in all at the end of this assignment I thought it was great that we all got to interact and teach each other what we had learned. 🙂


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