Thoughts on Twitter…

When I first heard that we needed a account I thought how weird…The name is so strange! After I signed up I had NO CLUE what was going on other than seeing updates every 5 seconds it seemed like for others that I was following! I have not gotten the hang of Twitter and I love it! I have learned a lot so far and I cannot go a day without checking it! Most things that people say are very interesting and I am learning new things everyday! Also, now I notice that the news and other companies are talking about “check their Twitter account” and you will get the latest updates! Seems crazy that so many people around the world use such a strange-named internet communication site! I LOVE to cook…and Paula Dean is one of my favorites on The Food Network…well, I searched her name and found out that she has an account so I am now following her! Which, I love to see her updates because I almost feel like we are friends because I know exactly what she is doing at the time! (Although it may be someone updating for her…but, I’d rather not believe that!)

Overall, Twitter has been a GREAT experience! I was very iff’y in the begining, but now I think it is very educational and a great way to learn and get a good name for yourself out in the “real world.” I am now anxious to see the new things I learn from Twitter everyday!



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