Chapter 3: Ethics and Professionalism

There are 3 basic value orientations:

1. The absolutist 

  Believes that every decision is “right” or “wrong”

2. The Existentialist

   Beleives that decisions should be made by immediate practical choice

3. The Situationalist

  Beleives that each decision should be made based on what would cause the least amount of harm or do the most good.


Another main part of this chapter discusses that you must act appropriately in the work place. This means you must have:  

1. A sense of independence

2. A sense of responsibility to society and the public interest

3. Manifest concern for the competence and honor of the profession as a whole

4. A higher loyalty to the standards of the profession and fellow professionals then to the employer of the moment. The reference point in all public relations activity must be the standards of the profession and no those of the client or the employer



All of the information came from the textbook Public Relations Strategies and Tactics written by Wilcox and Glenn. 


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