Chapter 4: Departments and Firms

When working in a department there are many things that could cause a conflict. They are: 

1. Legal – conflicts over what to release, and when

2. Human Resources – turf battles over who is responsible for employee communication

3. Advertising – they compete with funds to communicate with external audiences

4. Marketing – thinks only of of customers or potential buyers, while public relations thinks more broadly of all influentials. (i.e. media, neighborhood and enviornmental groups, etc.)

Outsourcing is when a company hires a Public Relations firm instead of or sometimes in addition to, an in house public relations department. Working with a public relations firm has many advantages, they are:

1. Objectivity

2. Variety of different skills and expertise

3. Extensive resources

4. International jobs

5. Offices throughout the country

5. Special problem-solving skills

6. Credibility



All of the information came from the textbook Public Relations Strategies and Tactics written by Wilcox and Glenn. 


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