Wag The Dog

      This past week in class we watched the movie Wag The Dog. This is a PR-related movie  based on a movie producer and a PR pracitioner creating a scandalous allegation against the president during the re-election by creating a ‘fake war’ with Albania.  This was the first time I have seen the movie, better yet…even heard of the movie! I enjoyed it and learned a lot.

      The value orientation of the movie I think was situational. Throughout the whole movie we learn how important it is to keep the presidents image as clean as possible because anything could harm him. Situationalist want what will either harm less or help more. 

      The PR Practitioner is unethical. The issue of honesty proves this. The PR Practitioner was not honest with the public because he created a false war. He created a false illusion and sold it to the public. 

       As said in the beginning of the movie, ‘a dog wags its tail’. A tail does not wag the dog because it is not smarter than the dog. I think the dog represents the public and the tail represents the PR Practitioners. Throughout the movie the PR Practitioners are telling the public false information.  The movie makes it seem as though the PR Pracitioner is smarter than the public which goes back to the title ‘Wag the Dog.’ 

      Conrad Brean has portrayed the negaitve stereotype that PR Practitioners are all dishonest. If you change the truth just for your client, in the end it is not making your client look good nor do you look good. Everyone looks bad, which is why PR Practitioners do not take part in this! 




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