Things to Know When Preparing for an Interview

– Turn off your phone

– Follow up with a handwritten thank-you note

-Dress up always

– Wear your name tag on the right side because you shake hands with the right hand.

– Be sure to ask questions because it shows that you care.

– Reguardless if it is male or female always stand up when someone comes into the room.

Things to do Before the Interview

– Research the Company…find out information to know what they ‘stand’ for

– Interview with a company that does not have additional locations if you do not want to move

– Know company history

– Know what kind of interview it is going to be

    1. Traditional (1 on 1 question and answer)

    2. Panel Interview (write down the peoples names who have interviewed you)–you will need this for writing thank-you notes

   3. Behavioral Interview (They ask you for 3 things….CAR–CIRCUMSTANCE, ACTION, and RESULTS)

   4. Over the Phone or a Webcam Interview (May choose this because you could be in another state ect…) Have your resume in front of you, dress up, and talk on a land line

   5. Appearances (Wear a Suit–Skirt and Jacket) (Have your shoes be clean and comfortable) (Only 2 earrings per ear) 

   6. Hand Shake

   7. Body Language–eye contact, posture, focus

   8. What could possibly go wrong during an interview?

    – Could be sick, Slip and fall while walking in the door, Could bust a button, Could break a nail, Could get a headache, Phone could ring

   9. Your turn to ask questions

  10. Follow up

–> Have more than 1 pen with you


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