10 Tips for an Interview

The following are 10 tips that I have come up with based on listening to others talk about their interview experiences. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any others. 

  2. Dress Professional 
  3. Have good eye contact
  4. Shake hands with everyone, if you are sitting down be sure to stand up when someone walks into the room
  5. Bring resume
  6. Know the key facts about the company so you will be able to ask questions and understand what they are talking to you about
  7. SMILE and Speak clearly 
  8. Do not be late
  9. Do not smoke before
  10. Follow up with a Thank You note

An audio clip from the lecture with this information can be found at http://publicrelationsmatters.com/2009/02/26/job-interviews-10-things-you-oughtta-know/


One thought on “10 Tips for an Interview

  1. Great tips! I never give myself enough time to get ready. That’s definitely an important part of the interview process — being prepared!

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