Chapter 7: Communication is KEY

After reading this chapter I have realized how important communication in Public Relations is. 

James Grunig lists 5 possible objectives for a communicator:

1. Message Exposure (intended audiences are exposed to the message in various forms)

2.Accurate dissemination of the message (basic information remains in place as it is filters and sent to various medias.

3.Acceptance of the message (audience retains and accepts the message as valid)

4. Attitude Change (the audience not only believes the message, but makes a verbal commitment to change behavior as a result of the message)

5. Change in overt behavior (members of the audience change their current behavior or purchase the product and use it!)

A messages clarity and simplicity is enhanced by the use of

  • symbols
  • acronyms
  • slogans

When making sure your message is clear, you must avoid:

  • jargon
  • cliches
  • hype words
  • euphemisms
  • discriminatory language


All of the information came from the textbook Public Relations Strategies and Tactics written by Wilcox and Glenn. 


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