Chapter 8: Evaluation

Chapter 8 describes the evaluation process. Evaluation is the fourth step in the public relations process. The purpose of evaluation is the measurement of results against objectives. 

The most widely used methods for evaluating pubic relations efforts are:

  • Measurement of production
  • Message exposure
  • Audience awareness
  • Audience attitudes
  • Audience action

In most cases, a skilled practitioner will use a combination of methods to evaluate the effectiveness of a program.

The audience must be reached during the message. Media impressions are the audiences reached by a mass media according to the book. The way the message is given could change the way that the audience absorbs and takes in the information given to them. 

For example: when I am sitting in class and the teacher makes what we are learning interesting or relates it to something I can understand, then I am much more likely to listen. Where as if I do not even understand what is being said or else I’m not interested then I could not recall anything that I heard. I’m sure this is the same for everyone! What do you think? How do you pay attention if you are not interesting in the topic? 



All of the information came from the textbook Public Relations Strategies and Tactics written by Wilcox and Glenn. 


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