In Seth  Gordin’s Tribes I was expecting to watch a video on African tribes. Which I was quite excited about! I have traveled to Africa many times and I always find the tribes quite interesting. In fact, I am traveling there this summer and hope to see many of the tribes because they wear such interesting attire! Sometimes they choose to wear nothing and just paint themselves which I find kinda strange…but it is amazing that they can do that and not even feel weird when so many people are around! After watching the video I learned that it was NOT about African tribes, but yet leadership and groups and leadership within the group. It was actually quite funny I must say! While watching, Gordin made a statement that in the ‘blogging world’ the people that are in your blog are part of your ‘Tribe.’ These are people that you share common interest with ect.. Everyone is social in some way, so everyone is included into a specific tribe that fits them best.


All in all, I enjoyed this video and understand the meaning of a ‘tribe.’


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