Chapter 9: Public Opinion And Persuasion

The Public opinion is very important and plays a large role in todays society. First off, it could be interpreted several different ways such as:

  • Self-Interest
  • Social Groups
  • Or just an opinion based group. 

For most people, when someone has made up there opinion about something, it is going to be quite difficult to change. Although sometimes age, family, and friends may change your opinions. 

When you have OPINIONS, you have LEADERS. The leaders represent there different groups which have there own opinions as a whole. 

No matter what, the public is going to make up there own opinion right when they hear about something or see something. Such as, right when you meet someone by instinct you have already made up an opinion about them. I have even done this so I know exactly what it is like. Due to this, the media must set there opinion and reinforce it so others will feel the same way. It is so easy to be influenced by others, weather you realize it or not…


All of the information came from the textbook Public Relations Strategies and Tactics written by Wilcox and Glenn. 


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