Managing the Gray–Hosted by C.C Chapman

In my class we were told to listen to a 1 hour Podcast and answer questions based on what we got from it. I choose to listen to Managing the Gray. But first, I must say that this podcast was very unique to say the least. I have never listened to one before, but it seemed like it was going so fast and it was hard to catch on with everything that was said. From this I learned that the secret to social media is to brea thru the clutter and get attention. Learn what works. Everyone loves to feel a “connection. When doing a campaign, make sure that the people feel a connection with it so they will TALK about it. Such as tweeting, facebooking, or getting it out any way that they can. A great example is super-bowl ad’s. I was surprised to find out how important spreading the message thru social media is. SPREAD THE WORD. Blogging is a good way to get out what you are trying to say. All in all, keep in touch with friends. Connect with everyone that you know because you never know where that may get you later on in life.


One thought on “Managing the Gray–Hosted by C.C Chapman

  1. This is the podcast I chose to listen to also. I too had a hard time keeping up with everything he was saying.

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