Interview with a PR Professional


 I interviewed Shanna Vaughan. She works at Industrial Properties Group in Gainesville, Georgia. I have known Shanna for a long time and I take all of her advice seriously. She has a great job and enjoys what she is doing everyday!   

*What made you want to work in the PR field?

I enjoy working with the public and using my creative side at the same time to deliver a message from a company or business.  Whether that be through words or visuals aspects, I feel like I am using both my analytical and innovative thought processes at the same time.  

*What made you choose this specific job?

I was currently employed at the time of graduation and enjoyed my job, so I decided to stay on with my employer.  During this time of hiring freezes with so many companies, I am very lucky to have made that decision at the time.  

*What exactly do you do everyday?

I primarily construct or edit announcements the company releases and resolve issues or answer questions with the public. I also keep our database of properties and all contacts up to date and create and assist in any other public relations and marketing material.  

*What was your major in college?

Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.        

*Why did you not choose PR?

PR was not an option of a major at the college I attended.  

*What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I enjoy interacting with customer and clients on a daily basis whether that is resolving issues, answering inquiries, or communicating information.  

*How long do you plan to stay in this type of job?

I always plan on staying in a job where its objective is to promote better communities in a smart and effective way.  As far as with the same company, I think it’s inhibiting to say that one is not always open and looking for something better.  

*If you could change anything about your job, what would it be?

I would choose to interact with more people on a daily basis in directly solving their issues.  As of right now, I more indirectly solve issues they may or may not know about.  

*What recommendations do you have for me as a PR major?

I would definitely recommend in today’s market gain as much experience and show initiative in wanting to learn before graduating.  Express the experience you learn in your major and skills you have throughout everyday life to promote yourself.  


One thought on “Interview with a PR Professional

  1. Your PR professional is interesting, didn’t this assignment make you all the more interested in the field of pr??

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