The Anatomy Of A News Release

Today in my Public Relations class this is what we learned. 

Anatomy Of A News Release  

(Note: Video made by Barbara Nixon)

In class today we were told to bring in a news release of our choice and analyze it. I choose to use Crayola Announces the Birth of Crayola Beginnings. The following are 13 things you will find on MOST News Releases…

  1.  Letter Head with Address
  2.  The Words NEWS RELEASE
  3. For Immediate Release OR Embargo (Embargo–(hold it until the date states it can be released) Agreement between the journalist and PR person)
  4. Media Contact Info
  5. Headline (& Subhead)
  6. Dateline
  7. Lead
  8. Quotations 
  9. Body (Use AP style)
  10. Page Slugs (lets you know to go to the next page…EXAMPLE: MORE)
  11. Additional Contact Info
  12. Boilerplate (may or may not be there)
  13. Endsign (EXAMPLES: ###, END, -30-)

One thought on “The Anatomy Of A News Release

  1. really good blogpost! i loved your setup and how it explained everything in the news release! check mine out on news releases!

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