48 Hours of Twitter

This is a funny video that I recently found on youtube about twitter! In my Public Relations class we were assigned to spend 48 hours on twitter and tweet at least 10 times. At first I was a little worried about this because I have not kept up with twitter much since we first were assigned to use it. But, it has been a blast! I have now downloaded tweetdeck and twhirl. Both are so much fun! I am still trying to figure out how to do everything, but so far I am addicted. It is amazing how many people are using twitter. The first time we were told to use twitter I found it weird when others would ask to ‘follow me’ or I’d ask to ‘follow them’ but that is the whole point. You can follow whom ever you choose and they can choose if they want to follow you back. My favorite so far is Paula Deen! I love her cooking show on Food Network. Now that I am following her on twitter I think it is so neat to be able to keep up with all that she is doing! Also, I am not good about watching the news and keeping up to date on what is going on, so I follow many different news stations and TV shows to catch up with everything such as CNN, The Today Show, and The View! Since I am from just north of Atlanta I also love watching The Atlanta Braves! Recently they have been showing the games on Peachtree TV, which Northland Cable does not carry so I keep up using twitter! It is a fun way to follow and keep up with the game! You can also follow them @BravesMLB. Another thing I have enjoyed is using the ‘search’ and finding different PHI MU’s from other schools and being able to direct message with them about different things they have going on with their chapter. 

All in all, I have officially ‘fallen for twitter.’ I want to check it every second now! I am learning new stuff everyday and I will definitely continue to use twitter.


Although I have never met Brian Shamberger, I think it is so great that he recommended me to others! I really feel like I have learned so much and I hope to help others via twitter!

If you would like, you can follow me @LindsayAddison.


7 thoughts on “48 Hours of Twitter

  1. I loved the youtube video. You thoughts on Twitter helped me to see a more positive view on its uses. I also love Paula Dean, so I’ll be sure to follow her now too!

  2. That video is too funny! I also downloaded tweetdeck and I agree it makes twitter so much easier to use!

  3. More about applications; if you have a cell phone that has the internet then you can download applications for that phone. I have a Blackberry and there is an app called TwitterBerry. I am really getting into the different types of applications and what they can do. Social media is offically taking over!

  4. Ok so I just wanted to say that I am SO addicted to Twitter too! I just recently got an iPhone and I installed a Twitter application and now I am always always always checking it! I am glad I am not the only one 🙂

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