“Ain’t ain’t a word, but it’s in the Dictionary…”

Living in the south I hear a lot of people use the word ‘aint.’ I wondered if that was a real word and since it was put into the dictionary I suppose it is! Just as Grammar Girl says, we all abbreviate our words. Such as ‘you did’ would be ‘you’d.’ Ain’t is acceptable in some circumstances.

Grammar Girl says….”In grade school, one might have heard a smart-alecky classmate say, “I ain’t gonna use ‘ain’t’ anymore, ’cuz ‘ain’t’ ain’t in the dictionary.”  Well, actually it is; but you need to be very careful about how you use it.”

I too heard people saying this exact same thing. I just always thought people would use ‘ain’t’ because they live in the south and that is their form of talking. But i’ve quickly realized I was mistaken. They use it out of laziness. My best friend is a 5th grade teacher and she tells me that her kids say ‘I ain’t gonna do it.’ Well, what AIN’T they gonna do? First off, they are not going to speak properly because they use the short-hand version of I am not…I’m sure many of them learned to use this word at home. I was always taught at my house that if we said ain’t we’d be in big trouble!


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