Be Effective in What You Say…

When commenting on blogs it is important to make the comment worth while. Meaning, don’t just ‘agree’ or say short answers. When I take the time to write a blog post, of course I want others to read and then give me feed back about what they think. This goes for most bloggers as well. Most of the time people are not just writing hoping that others will never read. They want you to read and give your opinion on what they have thought was important enough to blog about.

In the Spring I had Intro to PR, and we were told to use blogs. Oh boy was I confused! I had never used a blog before, nor did I even know what a blog was! When I first started we were told what to blog about and then we were given a certain number of people that we had to comment on their blog posts. Sounds easy, huh? Exactly what I thought! I would go look at other blogs and then think to myself what in the world should I say? I must admit the first few comments were “I agree” and then they began to get better because I realized how much I wanted comments so I knew others did to! I am working on my commenting skills, so hopefully they improve more throughout the semester!


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