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  • Comment #1: “This is week 2, aint it?”

By: Haley Barnes

Haley, I choose the same topic as you because i’ve always been interested as to if “aint” really is a word. I hear it often in the South, but I wonder what people in the North think of the word? Grammar Girl showed us the way that using ‘aint’ is appropriate, but I’m noticing there are not many times when it is OK to use. What do you think? I”m anxious to hear many different opinions on this topic.
Also, I too need to learn how to simplify my writing as well as talking! :)

  • Comment #2: “ap style bootcamp”

By: Barbara Nixon

Febuaury 1, 2010

The AP Style Bootcamp video was great! I have used the AP stylebook in class before but I never could understand how to figure out where everything is located. From the video I learned how to flag the important sections so I can go straight to them when using the book! I feel much more confident about using the AP stylebook now, where as before I hated to even open it because I was lost from the start. I am now going to go through and highlight information from the flagged sections. I hope that the AP Style Bootcamp will help with making the papers I must write in the future easier!
Thank you for making the video and helping me with feeling more comfortable when using my AP stylebook!
Lindsay Addison
PRCA 3330

  • Comment #3: Keep Your Hands off my Doritos

By: Haley Barnes

March 8, 2010

Haley, I think it’s funny we both chose the same Super Bowl commercial! I mean who couldn’t love this little boy? ! I was also cheering for the Colts, but you are right-the Saint won a well-deserved game. The needed it much more than the Colts. The city needs as much help as possible and this is a great way to help with that. Although I am not a huge football fan (when games are on TV) I enjoyed watching this one because I was so anxious to see all of the commercials! I also loved the google one…that was telling a love story. It was hard to catch on at first because I didn’t really pay much attention to what was being typed it and then I watched it online and fell in love. I posted it on my blog if you didn’t get a chance to see it-because you must check it out! I enjoy following your blog and reading your thoughts! Keep it up and I will check back soon!

  • Comment #4: One Week of Twitter (TOW-7)

By: Chris Yates

March 9, 2010

Chris, I enjoyed reading your post about your thoughts and experience with twitter. I too didn’t think I would like using twitter, however I find myself checking it daily now. Although I do not post regularly, I look to see what others have posted because I am interested in what others see as ‘important enough to put as my twitter update.’ I do agree that it is addicting which then leads to wasting time…but I try to limit myself to not reading millions of tweets! Just a few at a time! 😉 I think it’s funny you mentioned ‘dreaming about twitter’-I hope I do not end up in ‘tweeting land’ either! Looking forward to reading more post on your blog!

  • Comment #5: Phi Says Thanks in His Own Way

By: Haley Barnes

April 24, 2010

Haley, I really enjoyed reading this post because I too love Phil! Considering I date a golfer, I am usually watching any tournament that is on TV, and I always end up cheering for Phil. It is so sad that not only his mom but his wife has cancer. I cannot even imagine what he is going through, but he never shows his pain in the media. He is always so positive and willing to do anything for both of them. He is a true ‘gentleman’ and I hope that others look at this story and realize how great he is; not only on the golf course but in his daily life to.

  • Comment #6: Take the Time to Find the Beauty in the World!

By: Anna Glisson

April 24, 2010

Anna, I love the pictures you posted. I tend to get so caught up in school and do not take time to enjoy life and give thanks to our beautiful surroundings. You are a great photographer! I have always had a dream to be a photographer because I love to travel and take pictures all around the world, but for now I just do it for fun. Maybe one day I can get more into it and start taking ‘real’ pictures. However, nature pictures are by far my favorite. Everything is so real and I can look at the picture later and really envision myself being there. I would love to be in that clear water instead of getting ready for finals, and I’m sure you would too!

  • Comment #7: Topic of the Week 7 Twitter

By: Daniel Sallerson

I have throughly enjoyed reading everyone’s ‘twitter’ post because I feel like we all felt the same way at the beginning. No one really knew what to think or how to feel about it and once we got started and got the hang of things, most people began to enjoy it! I like that you said you found it ‘unnecessary’ because it is so much like facebook, but I can only imagine what my mini feed would be like with the million updates people put on twitter! Think about it like this…how many times a day do MOST people update their facebook…i’d say about once…However, those on twitter update an average of three times a day…I like that the two are separate, although I do agree that they are a lot alike. I also agree that it’s hard to ‘find the right thing to say’ on Twitter. Where as facebook you can say anything you want…twitter seems like it should be ‘more professional.’

  • Comment #8: About

By: Matt Cook

It’s good to see you are from Athens! We are pretty much distant neighbors because I am from Gainesville! I bet you always get asked why you didn’t go to UGA, however it’s great that you got out and came to Southern for school! I too am a huge Braves fan! I love going to games or watching them play on tv! However, I don’t have peachtree tv in Satesboro so I watch online if it’s airing on that channel. I also love love love the Hawks! Good luck with golf! It’s a fun sport once you figure out the game and all of the technical parts of it. I’ve just recently started playing and I’m enjoying it as long as we are not keeping score! :)

  • Comment #9: 1 week of Twitter

By: Matt Cook

Since we starting using twitter quite a while ago, have you kept up with it? When I had my first PR class we had to join twitter and I got so ‘hooked’ at first and then found myself never getting on it anymore. After this go-around I tend to check it more often but not as much as I hoped. I enjoy reading what others say, however I do not care to know when people ‘go to eat, take a nap, ect…’ I want more substantial comments so it’s interesting to read! It is perfect during sporting events for fans that have a passion for the same team!

  • Comment #10: Tiger, Tiger, Tiger

By: Tache Graves

I also agree with Kate that this was taken to far. What he did is his own mistake which should be dealt with in his private life, not through the media. There was no reason for Tiger to do a apology on National TV. He should have kept his problems between he and his family. I really like Elin and I think it’s terrible what Tiger did to her, but it happens daily. There is no need to blow up the story so that is all you hear when you turn the tv on. Tiger is not the first golfer that this has happened to, so why was it a bigger deal for him? Is it because he is such an unbelievable golfer? I think so…I was actually gald he didn’t win the Masters, however I think it would’ve taken some of the ‘negative spotlight’ off of him.

  • Comment #11: Six ways Gmail revolutionized e-mail

By: Kristina Bundy

What a great article! I have recently began to use gmail more and i’m in the process of figuring out the documents and picture features. I love that the documents can be saved onto the ‘server’ and can be pulled up anywhere. This is also nice when working in groups and needing to share the information between people because everyone can access the information that you share. I also like the fact that so many people have gmail so you can ‘gchat’ all of your friends! That is…if they are not on facebook at the time! ☺ I’m looking forward to learning more about gmail and it’s features!

  • Comment #12: About Me

By: Kelsey Hendrix

Kelsey, I enjoyed reading your post and learning a bit about you and your interest! First off, I was attracted to your blog because of the header picture that you have. Did you take that yourself? It is beautiful!! Anyways, I am also from the Atlanta-area! I love to go home and SHOP and eat at the wonderful restaurants! It is nice to be in a small town for a few years, but I am looking forward to being back up in the Big City soon! I hope that you have fully recovered from your accident! ☺

  • Comment #13: What are you Thankful for?

By: John Q

What a wonderful post! I know we all forget what we are thankful for and sometimes we do not realize how thankful we actually are. I have traveled all around the world and it has been such an eye-opener to me because I never realized how good we really have it here whether we choose to believe that or not. Millions live daily without a family or friends…I am so very thankful for both and I have no idea what I would do without either. I believe it is important to wake up every morning and remember what you are thankful for and through out the day tell others ‘thank you’. Thank YOU for this post and helping me to remember to be Thankful!

  • Comment #14: About Me!

Jessica Dudley

Jessica, I have enjoyed reading your ‘about me’ and learning a bit about you! I noticed we have another person in our class from Athens as well! I am from Gainesville, which is why I took note….But, I am sure you get asked all of the time why you didn’t go to UGA. I think it’s nice to get away and choose a different school and new atmosphere than what you grew up in! I love the spin classes at the RAC too! However, lately they are getting packed so fast it is beginning to make me discouraged. Also, COOKING lessons in Italy! How fun would that be?! I went to study abroad in Italy but I would’ve LOVED to take a cooking class there! (ps…I know Olive Garden is not the ‘real Italian’ but I am super excited it opened so I can get my feel of Italian food every once in a while…)

  • Comment #15: PRCA 3330 – For Those About Blog.. We Salute You

By: Erica Campbell

Your top 10 list is great! I really liked everyone of your ideas! Just like ‘mlong’ I wish I would’ve had this before I started because it has changed my view on blogging. I have figured out it is not as easy as it seems. Staying on top of things is the biggest problem that I have had for our class. However, when I look at other blogs that pertain nothing to our class-they are just fun blogs…they blog daily…sometimes even more than once! I’m amazed. However, it is different when you can blog about whatever you want rather than having to post on certain topics that are assigned. I hope to keep up with my blog after our class is over and see how long I can make it! :) I do really enjoy reading and commenting on other blogs…especially the creative ones! They have such good ideas I wish I thought of!

  • Comment #16: About

By: Emily Roche

Well hello Emily’s Media Center! You’ve done such a great job with your blog! I’ve been keeping up since you told me what your address was! After reading this, I can see you as an event planner! That would be a perfect job for you…However…what kind of events are you planning? I’m sure only the fun ones! ;) Are you graduating in May and do you have any jobs in mind? And I assume you are planning to be back in the Savannah area? I know you girls just can’t get too far away from there! :) Keep up the blogging and i’ll check back soon!
Happy Blogging!

  • Comment #17: 10 Tips to Bloggers 🙂

By: Haley Barnes

You made a great top 10 list for bloggers! I wish that we could’ve read list like this before we starting blogging because I think it would’ve made things much easier! I have starting following many different blogs that relate to things that I like such as cooking, how decorating, and craft ideas! There is no better way to get a good idea than to see other wonderful ideas people have come up with and then make your own! Also, I do think it is important to have fun with your blog…make it interesting so others will actually want to come back and read what you have to say. It’s hard enough to get people to find your blog unless you tell others about it…so why not make it interesting so people will come and stay! And maybe even comment!

  • Comment #18: Girl Scouts Missing Money Making Opportunity?

By: Erica Campbell

I couldn’t help but stop by and read your post because of the yummy girls scout cookie! When I was little I was a member of the girls scouts and I would always look forward to ‘cookie selling time.’ It’s always fun to sit outside of different places and meet new people that really enjoy a certain type of cookie. They may even drive quite a distance to get that special type of cookie! One of my friends buys about 10 boxes every year and then puts them in the freezer so they will last until the next year when the cookies are being sold again! At first I laughed at her but now I realize how much you crave the cookies when you can’t have them. So I agree with you, that they should sell them more often than just once a year. However, I guess that is what keeps up all of our cravings to go back and buy more! :) Speaking of, I wish I had some right now!

  • Comment #19: My Laundry Life! lol

By: Jasmine Stewart

I LOVED this post! You are so right, we all have such busy lives and the laundry piles up QUICKLY! When and where can we ever find enough time to keep up with all of the laundry? I have no idea where all of my clothes come from, but I too change about 4-5 times a day. That just seems ridiculous! Maybe one day we can find husbands that will do laundry for us? Wouldn’t that be great! However, that might just be impossible! I think we are stuck with it forever…so we better get use to it now…and then get prepared to add even more clothes to the pile as we get married and then have children. Whew! I hope thats a long way away! I’m already stressing about JUST MY laundry…imagine others mixed in to! I’m going to have to try Victoria’s Secret laundry sheets! I can tell that I would like them just by your description! :)

  • Comment #20: The Bad Side of Twitter

By: Trent Callier

I too, could see how using twitter could end up being a bad thing. The amount of information given away can sometimes be to much, however when you are given a spot to put all of your ‘information’ people do not realize that you can go ‘to far’. Such as including where you go to school, where you live, what you plan on doing and where you will be, if you live alone, and many other things. On facebook I hide all information about me unless I accept you to be my friend. For twitter, I do the same however I do not have up much information about me and what i’m doing. It’s more ‘general’ and nothing specific about ME. Always be cautious of others because you never know who is looking at your stuff!!

  • Comment #21: About ME

By: Haley Barnes

I’ve enjoyed reading all of your comments on my posts! It makes me feel like I’ve done good with my blog because I love to receive comments! I found this post interesting because of the comment that you got! Someone from England found your blog?! How awesome is that! I wish I could be that important! :) However, my blog might not be interesting enough! I can’t believe the semester is almost over! We’ll have to keep blogging!!
Happy Blogging!!


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