NewsU Cleaning Your Copy

This week in my PR Writing class we were told to visit NewsU Cleaning Your Copy and complete the course. At first I was not sure how I felt about the course. It was a new way of learning for me. After I went through the course and completed the quizzes, I realized that I really had learned a lot of new information. I struggle with my grammar so it helped to go through and see how important it is to not make grammatical errors when writing or even talking! I also get confused when to use that/which and I finally know now when is the right time to use them!

Oh boy could my spelling use some work! With the cleaning your copy course I had to pick between commonly miss spelled words to see if I knew how to spell them. The first time through I only got one right. My goodness! I’ve made this far in college and I cannot even spell! (HA!) I went back through and got them right but I still need practice! I’m so lucky to be in the ‘technology generation’ because I can type most everything and use my favorite tool, SPELL CHECK! I’m sure you all do the same thing!

In the end, I was surprised how much I learned! It really helped to see and practice my grammar, word usage and spelling! I would’ve like to have learned more about the AP style. I am finally getting the hang of it, but I could use a bit more help! I am looking forward to the other NewsU that we will complete before the semester is over! Hopefully I will learn as much as I did from this one!


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