Prepare yourself, here comes a LAUGH!!

Super Bowl commercials are BY FAR my favorite part of the super bowl! I could pretty much careless what is going on in the game, I just want the commercials to start! While the game was on I was cleaning, washing dishes, and working on school work, so when it would go to the commercials, I would have someone yell for me to come and watch! My FAVORITE of course was the Doritos one with the little boy that ‘rules’ the house! How could anyone not LOVE that? And I still laugh every time I watch it! The targeted audience for this commercial would be mid-teenagers to middle-aged adults. I think this because the mom was younger and dating. Also, these ages are the most adapt to go by Doritos!

My OTHER FAVORITE is of course the sweet google search! At first I was a bit confused with what was going on and then I kept reading on what was being searched and I fell in love with the commercial!

Just incase you didn’t catch all of the phrases typed in, I went through and typed them just for you! Hope you enjoyed my favorite commercials! x

  • Study abroad in Paris, France.
  • Cafes near the Louvre.
  • Translate (you’re very cute).
  • Impress a French girl.
  • Chocolate shops in Paris, France.
  • What are truffles.
  • Who is truffaut?
  • Long distance relationship advice.
  • Jobs in Paris.
  • DL 8610.
  • Churches in Paris, France.
  • How to assemble a crib.


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