Snow? Are you sure? We’re in Statesboro! It doesn’t snow here!

Haley, Chris and I went to see Valentines Day because it was the first day to come out. All day we had heard that schools were being canceled and it was really going to snow. Since I am from North Georgia, I have seen snow before and I just felt like there is no way it could snow in STATESBORO, GA! Before we went to the movie, it had started to rain a bit but it was still close to 40. How in the world can it snow when it’s 40 outside?!

While sitting in the movie Haley got a text message that it was snowing. When she told Chris and I we were both like…yah right, there is NO WAY! Little did we know! 🙂 The movie ended and we walked outside and it was snowing harder than I have ever seen it snow in my life (other than a blizzard). The cars were already covered and everything was white! We had planned to go eat sushi after the movie so we were running to the car and Haley said “I don’t know how to drive in snow!” So, she ended up riding with us then we took her back to her car and she drove home very slowly because she was so worried. I wish I took pictures but I didn’t have my camera with me…but you couldn’t see the road markings so people were all over the place. It was pretty scary. Chris and I came home to get my car since it has 4wheel drive and then put on some ‘snow gear’ and headed over to Haley’s to play in the snow! Chris doesn’t enjoy the snow as much because it’s nothing new for him…however I enjoy seeing it every time! We ended up building a huge snowman and made snow angles! It was so much fun! I’m so ready for warm weather, but I do wish Statesboro got snow more often!


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