She follows me, she follows me not…

If you are not familiar with TWITTER, you may want to watch this video that shows you exactly what twitter is all about!

This is my second time around using twitter. I first used it when in Intro to PR. At the beginning of my ‘twitter usage’ I thought…’Oh boy! This is going to be strange!” From then on I have learned so much about how to tweet, re-tweet, @reply and many other things! I feel as though I have come such a long way in my short ‘twitter life!’  As you may know, since I used twitter before for a class I stopped when the class was over. It was not for any specific reason, I just felt like my information was not important like all of the other tweets that I read from my followers. I realized once joining again that although I may not say the most ‘important’ things, I say that relates to my life, and me just as everyone else does too! I enjoy being able to read what others are doing and what interest them. I get excited when I see updates that are interesting and have links for me to check out!

I’m so thankful to have used twitter before, because I feel like this ‘time-around’ I was much more prepared and excited. I knew what I was getting into and I was looking forward to reading post from those that I would enjoy following previously, such as Paula Dean! She of course, if one of my favorites!

I was actually in Forsyth Park in Savannah today, and heard people talking about ‘how they couldn’t wait to get home and tweet about this beautiful day!’ Well, I was so proud! I beat them to it! J It’s amazing how twitter has grown and so many people are using it worldwide. It is a great way to keep up with what is going on if you don’t have time to talk with friends, watch the news, ect…Thank goodness for twitter, because now I am INFORMED!!!

It’s one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet.
New York Times

So, what do YOU really think about twitter? I googled ‘twitter is’ and so many different things pooped up. Of course we have out own opinions, but I want to know yours!


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