Entertainment Publicists “Can’t Work Without Social Media”

Publicists who battled endless, speculative chatter of 24-hour cable — something that publicists of old never had to contend with before are now overwhelmed with social media of which they can’t work without it, according to the chatter at a recent Entertainment Publicists Professional Society (EPPS) mixer (1-27-10) in Culver City, CA.

When asked a year ago at an EPPS mixer in Hollywood how “new media is impacting the way they do business?,” more than 90 percent said they were not using it as much as they had hope to, because they were either “afraid of it,” or didn’t “understand it, yet.” Today it is a different story.  They say “It’s do or die.”

When Asked “Do you use social media today,” the response had changed to a big “yes.”

“Yes, I am using social media, because it brings in new clientele we did not have access to previously, and it’s inexpensive,” said Ann Simley of Communications Interchange, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA., who also won an O’Dwyer Directory of Public Relations door prize.

“Social media is very, very important, because you’re getting the word out, making people more aware of your product and new services,” said Tiffany Young, director of Sales and Marketing, Radisson Hotel in Whittier (Calif.). “It brings additional revenues and awareness for the entire brand of hotels.”

“I was in the convergence department at Rogers & Cowen so I pretty much did all new media, and they had just open a new media department when I arrived to do my internship,” said Stephanie Gonzalez, a Cal-State Northridge graduate, and budding publicist looking for a new job in 2010. She believes her social media training will give her the edge in trying to find a good job in public relations in the near future. “You have to either get in or get out of new media as there is no way around it at this point,” Gonzalez explained.

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