NewsU The Lead Lab

This week we were told to complete the NewsU Lead Lab. I first signed on and didn’t think it was going to be very interesting. However, the lab was interactive and maybe even a bit fun! I learned a lot and it helped to practice writing leads.

I learned about various types of leads such as: Significant Detail, Emblem, Summary, Round-up, Analysis and Emblem.

•                Significant Detail inclues numbers, figures, statistics

  • Emblem gives detailed facts-you should be able to picture it in your mind
  • Summary puts everything together. You should know what to expect within the first paragraph.
  • Round-Up includes things that relate
  • Analysis includes what is going to happen
  • Emblem creates the picture for you

Is important to start off with a good lead because that will get the readers interest. If you lose them in the lead then they will not continue to read the story or release. In the ‘PR world’ it is important to have your information be ‘catchy’ so others will want to read what you have to say. If it’s boring you will be shot down. I’ve tried working on my leads and being catchy with what I say. I hope that over the semester I continue to get better.

  • How are you with writing leads?
  • Do you find them important?
  • Did you think they were as easy as they look?


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