Yikes!!! (and likes) of the Oscars

My first LIKE is Mariska Hargitay. I love this dress and it looks great on her!

Love this unique dress on Sarah Jessica Parker. I think this funky dress looks great on her, however I could not see this on myself.

YIKES: What is Mariah Carey wearing!

I like nothing about this dress! The slit is way to high!

First thought: HORRIBLE! I have never heard of Deborah Ann Woll, but I do know this dress looks terrible on her. This is by far the worst dress for her complexion! Someone needs to help her next time! 😉


4 thoughts on “Yikes!!! (and likes) of the Oscars

  1. that dress does not fit SJP very well, but i’m kinda like you – i like the look of it….but seriously, though, did you see charlize theron’s dress? EWWW 🙂 but i looved the way queen latifah’s dress fit her…we will discuss all of these at a later date!! have a great day!!

  2. Lindsay,
    I enjoyed your post about the Oscars. I agree with most of your commentary about the outfits that the starts wore. I don’t know what Mariah Carey was thinking. Her dress was too “hoochie” for me. I figure once she got married to Nick Cannon she would try to make it a little more classy. I guess that’s just not Mariah’s style.
    One that I didn’t agree with was Sarah Jessica Parker. I really didn’t like this dress. I thought the neckline was just a little too weird and her hair didn’t look good either.
    One of my likes that you didn’t include was Sandra Bulloch. I thought she was my number one of the night. She looked great and the Oscar was a great accessory for her.

  3. Lindsay,
    I loved your post about the Oscars too! I usually always watch the red carpets beforehand, but this year I missed it and had to go look at pictures online instead and then the day after I watched Fashion Police on E!
    I agree with Jessica’s comment on Mariah. It was very “hoochie”. But, let’s be honest, does she ever dress conservatively?
    I loved Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress too. She is always fashion forward and this award so was no different. I thought her hair was a huge miss though. I do think it should have been done in an updo, but her’s was too big for my taste.
    I am so glad you included Mariska in your post. I love her on SVU and was so happy to see her at the Oscars.
    Happy Blogging!

  4. Since you said that about Charlize Theron’s dress…I had to go look it up! How funny and gross all at the same time! Who picks out these horrible dresses and says that they actually look good?!

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