What PR Open Mic Has to Offer…

PrOpenMic is an online is a “social network for PR students, faculty and practitioners worldwide.” I was already signed-in to the ‘network’, however I didn’t ever learn how to use it or anything about it. So, I took this opportunity to learn about what the site had to offer.

My most favorite part about it is the photos. You can click on this and then see tons and tons of photos that people have taken. I think I found this so interesting because I love to travel and a lot of the pictures are ‘traveling pictures’. When I get on the site this is always the first thing that catches my eye. I do not even know the people that are in the pictures, however the scenery is beautiful (in those that are not just close head shots)-so it doesn’t matter! I hope to one day upload some of my own! This is my favorite so far…

Another part that I enjoyed learning about was the jobs/internships. This connects you with others that are posting job opportunities and you can read all about them and what they expect you to do, which is great for recent graduates looking for a job!!

Lastly, I enjoy looking at and reading the forums. There is such a wide rage of things that are discussed within this section that I find interesting. Some of the post are from people my age and others are from teachers and PR professionals. This gives me different views on topics that I am learning about.


One thought on “What PR Open Mic Has to Offer…

  1. One of my favorite parts of PR open mic was the internships and job offers also. Right now in these hard economic times, it’s so hard to find a job out there! All my friends that have already graduated tell me to stay in school as long as possible because none of them can find a job! It scares me a little bit to know that I too will be out there looking one day, and this site is so helpful in pointing you in the right direction. It’s such a relief to see other people on this site going throught the same thing as I am. PR open mic has become somewhat of a support group to me too!

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