A Dancing Witch

I have never really been a Dancing With The Stars fan, but this season there are a few people that caught my interest! However, there are definitely some that should NOT be on the show! Such as……

you know who….

KATE GOSSELIN! I mean what is she thinking? She is doing this show when she has 8 kids she should be taking care of! Not to mention, she is such a horrible dancer! There is no way she will win! I don’t even see how she made it past week 1! I’m sure the only reason why she stayed is because they wanted drama on the show…and she of course, causes drama!

Now for my favorite….Erin Andrews!!

She is PRECIOUS! I have really gotten to see a whole new side to Erin Andrews that I never knew about! I have always thought she is cute, but on Dancing With The Stars you can tell she is such a fun and happy person! She and her partner go great together! (ps…I’ve heard they maybe talking?)-Not sure if this is true but they would make quite a cute couple!!


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