11 Ways for PR Professionals to Stop Annoying Journalist

1. Stop sending so many news releases at one time

  • Problem: OVERLOAD. Journalist do not like this. They get overwhelmed and can end up choosing stories that are not even that important, or what you wanted.
  • Solution: Send to the specific media source that relates to your topic and they will be much happier to receive one copy than a million at one time!

2. The article is not ‘reader worthy’

  • Problem: If the article is not worth someones time to read…why would anyone read it?
  • Solution: Have an interesting article that catches readers attention

3. Meeting the deadlines

  • Problem: Journalist have deadlines to meet themselves, so if you do not meet yours, they may not meet theirs
  • Solution: Turn all information in on time and both of you will end up happy!

4.Using the correct format for each specific medium

  • Problem: Different types of media use different formats. If you use the wrong one they may have to go back and change all that you did which waste TIME!
  • Solution: Check with the media you are writing for and be sure to use the correct format so they do not have to go back and change things, which in the end they may not even use the story. So do it right the first time!

5. Correct grammar

  • Problem: When a journalist receives work that needs help…they get ANNOYED! Why should they have to worry about fixing your mistakes in YOUR story? They shouldn’t…
  • Solution: Read your release over and over and even have others read it before submitting it.

6. Be considerate

  • Problem: If you are writing about food, why would you send your story to a sports media? Think before sending where exactly your story would fit best.
  • Solution: If you write a story about food and send it to a media that talks about food, PERFECT! The story will fit right in!

7. Include all contact details

  • Problem: If this is not included the journalist will either have to look up the information or else throw away the story.
  • Solution: Be sure to include all appropriate information so the journalist will not have to worry and the story can be easily published!

8. Length

  • Problem: If the Journalist is given a certain length do not go over or go under because this could result in the amount of space that was either paid for or saved just for this story.
  • Solution: Figure out how much you need to have written and write the exact amount so the story can fit within the needed space or time.

9. Don’t use the ‘important flag’ when e-mailing

  • Problem: Journalist receive millions of these daily. What might be important to you-is not to them.
  • Solution: Send the e-mail as a regular email without any flags and they will deal with it as needed!

10. Thank you

  • Problem: If you do not say thank you, the journalist could overlook you next time for someone who really appreciates them.
  • Solution: Say a simple ‘thank you’ and they will know that you appreciate their time and efforts!

11. Feedback

  • Problem: You may not want to hear the negative feedback, however it may help in the end.
  • Solution: When you are given feedback, you can figure out how to do better next time if needed! (Unless you are perfect that is…)

{ Source: 62-ways-to-improve-your-press-releases by MATTHEW STIBBE}


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