NewsU: Multimedia Storytelling

This week I took the NewsU: Five Step to Multimedia Storytelling and I learned a lot of new things and a few things surprised me!

I learned what multimedia storytelling really is, because honestly I didn’t have the slightest idea! It is a nonlinear story that includes action for video, a process that can be illustrated with a graphic  strong quotes, and/or powerful emotions for still photos and audio.

There are five steps to writing a multimedia story and getting it processed:

  1. Choose a story that is interesting and will keep a reader engaged
  2. Think of ways and method you will approach the story
  3. Go out and get your story by using a camera, mic, laptop, pen and pad, etc.
  4. Edit what you’ve found
  5. Organize your story and produce it

I was surprised about how prepared you must be to cover and write a story. I never realized how much effort and time goes into producing this. Such as learning about all of the tools, computers, cameras, ect…and then making sure that it all works when you go out to cover a story. I think since I never see the ‘behind the scenes’ work I never even thought about what all goes on…but after doing this course i’ve realized a lot more takes place!

Something I would like to learn a bit more about is how to be effective. How can you produce an effective storyboard that others are interested in? This just seems impossible to me until you’ve practiced a while writing ‘the perfect one’


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