Who am I?

I am from Gainesville, Georgia. I have lived there all of my life until moving to Statesboro to go to Georgia Southern. This is currently my 4th year living in Statesboro and I am enjoying it, although I do believe it is a little smaller than what I like! I would love if we had a PUBLIX or KROGER here because I cook almost everynight and I hate having to go to Wal-Mart or Bi Lo.

I LOVE warm weather and being OUTSIDE. Sitting on the beach all day would be my ideal life! Also, traveling is a big part of my life. I enjoy going to see new places and experience new cultures! Hopefully through this blog you will get to see and hear about many of the places that I have been and will go to in the near future!
My favorite color is PINK! I couldn’t go a day without it! My house is filled with it! I can’t imagine myself ever getting tired of it either. I have a BLACKBERRY and I am literally on it 24/7. I suppose that is what people say they never want to get them…because you get HOOKED so fast!
Taking pictures of flowers is becoming one of my favorite things to do when I travel. I LOVE exotic flowers and I have a Nikon D90 that takes GREAT pictures! I must say…African flowers are by far my favorite because they have so many different colors!
I am a hunter, which seems odd beacuse many girls don’t hunt! But, I love it! Actually most do not realize that the animal population in Africa is so large that it needs to be kept under control, so for someone to go there and hunt is not as bad as most people perceive it to be. As of now I have killed 5 planes game animals and I hope to have more after this summer!
That is just a little bit about me…there will be more to come soon! I am still working on figuring out the whole “blog” thing!

One thought on “Who am I?

  1. Hello, Lindsay!!!

    I am reading this from Hong Kong, while looking out at a beautiful view of the harbour. Many boats are all around…it is 26C today!!! I would rather be outside but had to pack….tonight, I leave on Singapore Air for San Francisco, where I will actually spend Sunday night and then fly onto Atlanta on Monday afternoon. Seems odd that I can leave Hong Kong and arrive in the states at the same time!!! Here, the time is 13 hours ahead of EST and the flight is approx 12.5 hours. I will message you when I arrive in San Fran. Love you and hope you have a great day, MoM

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